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Lesja Bulldozerlag – 1949 - 2021 The History:

Lesja Bulldozerlag AS (LBL) was established in 1948. Since my grandfather founded the company and got a
purchase permit for an International TD 14 bulldozer, LBL has run a versatile business as a contractor and
The bulldozer was used from Vestnes, in the west in early spring and worked its way up through Romsdalen
to Gudbrandsdalen after the winter disappeared.
Later, assignments with hydropower development, new auto road on Strynefjellet, New E6 over Dovrefjell,
development of Gardermoen and many assignments during the development for the Winter Olympics in
Lillehammer 1994.


The company currently has 50 permanent employees as well as 5-10 subcontractors. We currently have 4
apprentices and are approved apprentice company for both machine and truck. The company is still a family
business after 73 years of activity. The general manager is the 3rd generation "bulldozer" and the
granddaughter of founder B.B. Storhaug. Also the 4rd generation is now one of the owners, and several
workers are a “Storhaug”!
We are proud of our good financial results, with an average operating profit of 8-10%.
For the past three years and with an equity ratio of 70% we have been a strong and secure supplier for our
clients. In 2020 we achieved "Absolutely best creditworthiness" as one of 93 companies among 118,955
measured companies in Norway. But just as important are the non-financial values we create every day: A
safe working environment for our employees and employees of subcontractors! We constantly aim to secure
our employees and make them sure to return home as safe as when they left for work. Our employees are
our largest resource and has a good reputation vis-à-vis the client and not the least vis-à-vis 3rd parties where
we avoided accidents. LBL proves that investment in and work for HSE (Health, Security, Environment) and KS
(Quality assurance) is very profitable, with management and not the least the employees in production,
something our H1 and H2 number shows.

Absence from illness is exemplary:
2021: Sick leave: 4.10% (due to Covid-19) H1: 0 H2: 0 F-value: 0 Total reported RUH 291

We are conscious our social responsibility; sustainable entrepreneurship is important and we always aim to
contribute to the UN sustainability goals. We do this by using new technology, skills development and new
ones services that help solve society's environmental challenges and ethical business operations that in turn
create security for our customers. In the spring of 2022, we will have the first two battery-electric excavators.
2 pcs Cat 320 Z-Line.

Project, location and availability

The company has good experience from road construction and has a permanent workforce with solid
expertise, as well as a modern car and machine park. As an experienced and serious entrepreneur, we have
very good prerequisites for being a solid supplier of groundwork. In recent years we have had several turnkey
contracts where the client has been municipalities and the Norwegian Public Roads Administration. These
have given us good feedback on projected and performed work, and not the least we have collaborated very
well on these projects.

We have our own workshop and also a service wagon to serve our machinery and people.

We have extensive experience in crushing and sorting masses as we have our own mass extraction, hence
also mobile crushing and sorting line. Both coarse crusher and sorting plant were renewed in 2020 and a new
wheel loader in 2021, so that today we have some of the most efficient, environmentally certified crushing
and sorting equipment that the market can offer. In groundwork, we have experience with blasting and mass
transfer, paving and construction of roads, VA works, masonry of drywall, but also cast-in-place concrete
walls, plastering, dam building etc. in partly challenging terrain with bogs and soft masses. The oval
roundabout in Bjorli, E136 are in our opinion one of Norway's finest roundabouts, and is one of our projects
we are proud of as a main construction.

We have also worked with national contractors such as AF, Veidekke, Hæhre, PEAB development of new
European roads and gain good experience in many fields and disciplines.

Some of our latest assignments to be mentioned:

Turnkey (design and build)contract G/S road and culvert under E6 at Driva – Statens vegvesen
Turnkey (design and build) Industrial site - Sør-Odal Municipality
Construction hydropower plants in Verma - Rauma Energy,
Unit contract SVV/FK avalanche and landslide prevention Korsmyra
Indreeide - Møre og Romsdal County
Unit contract Nordøyvegen preparation – Møre og Romsdal County
(Prepares 2 cuts and infrastructure in partly challenging myrtle terrain)
VA (Water/Drain) Lesjaskog - Bjorli, new facility, and reduction of 5 pumping stations, client Lesja
Construction of new infrastructure on the New E6 Kollomoen, subcontractors (Nye Veier) and construction
of new infrastructure New E6 south of Trondheim, subcontractors (SVV) New pavement and widening of
road from Dombås Station to the city center. Main contractors (SVV) etc.

We have published some videos from our latest prosjects on Facebook and YouTube:

Our clients are mainly larger public institutions – The Norwegian state, counties, municipalities and energy
We cover a lot of private and agricultural needs for land development. As well as larger development fields
for traders. In the last year, we have also had several turnkey contracts, where we have used external ones
design company on the largest and most complicated projects such as G/S (walking and biking path) with a
culvert through E6 at Driva. While site preparation for Sør-Odal municipality, we designed everything
ourselves with the exception of handling surface water.
As we have built up good expertise in engineering as well as one of our project managers have taken further
training in BIM (BIM technician) which allows us to deliver in 3D.
Clients have given us very good feedback on how we performed and completed our work on different
assignments, both in terms of equipment, leadership and the way the individual driver/machine operator has
solved the tasks.
LBL always aim to be a reliable and flexible supplier and values a good collaboration with developer/client.

Location, availability

Lesja Bulldozerlag - as the name implies - is headquartered in Lesja Municipality. On the other hand we have
ours largest mission outside the district. We currently have projects from Oslo in the south to Longyearbyen,
Svalbard in the North where we are building a 400 m landslide embankment in collaboration with NVE Anlegg

We consider our work area and market throughout the whole nation of Norway - location, availability and
response time will not be a challenge for us since all our employees are used to commuting. We have young
staff with good skills and experience, as well as a flexible attitude when it comes to working hours and shift
work, which we believe will be more and more relevant on projects to get the most efficient operation and
shorten the possible construction time.
By being active in this industry for several decades we have had projects all over the country, collaborated
with many companies, both smaller contractors and almost all of the national contractors. We have an
exceptionally good network within this industry all over the country and we do take pride in having a good

Shortly said: We are an old and solid company but with a young and fearless mind who constantly want to
grow and develop!